Glue Applied Labels

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Glue Applied / Cut and Stack Labels

As you can discover below, we offer our clients one of the widest complements of glue applied (cut & stack) and pressure sensitive label production processes in North America.

We produce glue applied labels for numerous wineries and order sizes. Our core processes include four and six color premium offset printing, foil stamping, embossing, and varnishing. We also have the capability to produce glue applied labels via digital printing; however, material and added embellishment options are limited for digitally printed glue applied labels and require evaluation.

Glue applied labels are adhered to containers and products using a wet glue applied during the labeling process. Glue applied labels are frequently selected for efficiency of application and the lower cost option for large projects with few label shape/size changeovers. Glue applied labels can be produced on an almost limitless array of papers, including metalized paper (with holographic elements), metalized film and opaque film.

Promotional label options are also available for coupons, contests and rebates. Glue applied labels are suitable for use on glass and plastic containers and offer excellent offset printing fidelity. And though glue applied labels provide effective on-product durability, they are easily removed from returnable containers.

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Key Attributes of Glue Applied Labels

• A wide range of looks from premium wine stock to high gloss metalized film
• Excellent graphics reproduction and on-product durability
• Dependable high speed application
• A cost effective choice for high volume applications with few change.
• A variety of performance characteristics from standard paper to full wet strength paper
• Promotional label options available for coupons, contests, and rebates

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Summary of Our Production Processes

• HP Indigo 6600 Digital Printing (7 colors)
• Rotary & Flatbed Foil Stamping
• Rotary & Flatbed Embossing
• Rotary Silk Screening
• UV Gloss or Matte Varnishing (Coating)
• High Def, State-of-the-art, Flexo
• Ultra Refined, State-of-the-art, Rotary Offset
• Sheetfed (Glue Applied) Offset
• Best in class graphics software and hardware technology